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We're about shining, being yourself, and improving. We don't care about skill level, because everyone started some where. As long as you try, then you'll succeed.

We'll accept anyone, but watch out! We may not accept all of the pictures that you want to contribute because of these rules:

1) No nudity or sexual content. Kids may look at the content of this gallery, we don't want to scar them.
2) Try not to be scary. By that I don't mean you can't show horror stuff. But try not to be scary bloody or gorey. If this problem comes up, we may then have to explain it (right now, I can't figure out a better way to explain it than I just have).
3) Keep the language clean. Again, the kids.

Additional rule(s):
4) Be encouraging. This is a group about improving and shining. If you're putting people down, then you're preventing people from feeling safe enough to be themselves, to shine, to improve. In other words, be nice.

*Rules may be changed or additional rules may be added.

The reason we say "for the kids" Is because we know there are some underagers, and even though they're not supposed to be on here, we don't want to scar them just for being underage!

Any questions? Ask me ( clarissafrn ) or shakes8 .

By the way, we will do our best to let you know why your art was not accepted if it wasn't.

shakes8 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Student General Artist
thank u that about sums it up!
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August 29, 2012


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